Jeanine G.


I really love Dr. Feldman. She listens to me and asks lots of questions to drill down on whatever medical issue I'm having. She spent over an hour with me on my last visit going over lab results and overall health. Plus, she's very aware of insurance coverage issues and does everything she can to keep costs reasonable. I also like that she provides a naturopathic aspect to care. She's all about treating the whole person, not just a symptom.


Riley M.


I'm a very happy and satisfied client of hers. She truly listens and takes her time to answer every possible question or concern there is. Indeed, a doctor that truly cares! I highly recommend her.


Laura B.


Dr. Feldman is by far the best primary physician I have ever had. From the first visit a few years ago I knew I needed to let my friends know about her and her "Integrative" approach to her practice (which is a big attraction for me). She treats "the patient" and not just the symptoms. Dr. Feldman takes her time and truly listens. I highly recommend her.


Kulzum I.


I love Dr. Feldman and her staff. So friendly, courteous and really take their time. Dr Feldman really takes her time and listens to you. I also love the fact that I make an appt at 9 am and by 9:10 I see her! I hate waiting for more than an hr. I would recommend Dr Feldman to everyone!


Lesley J.


Hands down, one of the most professional, caring and thorough visits I've had with an MD. I was looking for a new female primary care doctor who combines both traditional and bio-identical therapies in her practice. The front office staff are courteous, the wait time was less than five minutes and I left the office feeling as though she really listened to me. That is a rarity these days. But Dr. Feldman and her staff deserve 5 stars.


Ata K.


I can't imagine going to anybody but Dr. Feldman. She was with my family for 8 years and through very difficult times and I can tell from the experience: her knowledge, her incredible caring heart, her professional ethics are superb. It is not easy to be a doctor in our times, when Insurances are ruling what doctors can or cannot do, yet she always tries to find a way to help. Beautiful office, well- trained, courteous staff.


Pati S.


Dr Irina Feldman is such a remarkable doctor! I'm an old personal trainer retired back home in Woodland Hills! I was so excited to meet with her for bio identical's and supplements that keep me feeling young and energized and fit! She is so thorough & spends so much time explaining everything! I have never met a doctor so kind and so conscientious! She was so clever at making sure I did early-morning blood-work and bone density test before she prescribed anything for me. She also explained everything in easy medical terms, so I understood my aging body better! And at 67 has she made me feel young again! I refer anybody who needs special attention and remarkable doctoring to this fantastic doctor - Dr Irina Feldman! Her staff are great too and she's always on time which is a pleasure.


Brad H.


Dr Feldman is an excellent intelligent and knowledgeable Dr. She graduated from med school in Russia, then came to the USA AND GRADUATED FROM MED SCHOOL HERE. She listens, assesses each personality. She loves her profession and it shows. She is the absolute best Dr my wife and I have been to. Dr Feldman has a great medical reputation among her peers. She is an amazing Dr.


Barbara S.


My husband and I feel so lucky to be in the care of Dr Feldman. Dr Feldman is professional, caring and detailed. Dr Feldman will spend whatever time you need.
Her staff are great too.


Marina E.


Dr. Feldman is an excellent diagnostician. In addition to western medicine she suggests natural supplements to heal the mind and body holistically.


Andrea B.


I've been seeing Dr Feldman for a couple years now. She personally spends more time with you during your visits discussing your health, habits, concerns, etc than any other doctor I've been to in the past. She listens very well and always gives you options, and she isn't one of those doctors who wants to jump to medication and follows up for every little thing. I have appreciated her style very much and would recommend her to anyone else looking for a caring medical professional to work collaboratively with.


Christine C.


Dr. Feldman is the most caring, patient, efficient physician that I have ever met. She has been my physician for the past few years and I cannot say enough good things about her. If she doesn't know the answer she finds it. She treats her patients with every tool available, standard medicine or alternative. She is amazing, you would be lucky to have her. You don't feel like a number or a dollar when you are with her, you feel like a person.


Inna S.


Dr. Feldman has been my primary care doctor for two years now. She is highly professional, patient with great bed-side manners, fair with charges, and responsive. I had a thyroid storm back in April and Dr. Feldman was the first one I called right away.
She got me on her schedule promptly, arranged for an electrocardiogram test, and found and scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist for me right on the spot. It saved me a very expensive trip to the emergency room and gave me a piece of mind that I am in great hands.
I cannot thank Dr. Feldman and her staff for everything they did for me and my family!


Dave D.


I have been a patient of Dr. Feldman since 2012 and have gotten excellent medical care during the years. She spends more time with me during an appointment than any other primary medical doctor I have had. She is thorough, gives sound medical advice, and is a very good diagnostician. I like that she can offer alternate methods of therapy along with conventional ones. Dr. Feldman has good office staff. She is always friendly and comes into the exam room with a smile, which is nice. Dr. Feldman gets my top rating!


Sonia V.


Dr. Feldman is a GREAT doctor. She really cares about her patients. She takes the time to listen. She also takes the time to figure out underlying health issues that may be causing symptoms and she is interested in solving underlying issues rather than just covering up symptoms with more meds, which brings me to my next point - she believes in wholistic medicine and nutrition and she always strives to stay informed about new information coming out about disease prevention and health maintenance rather than just treating disease once it manifests. She even goes so far as to lead meditation seminars for her patients for free. She is great, great, GREAT! Love her!